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Custom Printing Geographics is often asked about printing special logos or desings onto shirts, buttons or even bumper stickers. Can we do this? Will we do this? Why, yes. Yesyesyes. Oh yes!
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Latest Geo-News  We can print from your design, or we have a couple of artists who can come up with some great artwork. Read on to learn more about the Customs of Geographics. If you're pathalogically impatient, jump straight to T-shirts, Buttons or Bumper Stickers. If you are instructionally challenged or if you have other special needs, please feel free to Write On now.
Custom Printing 
T-ShirtsAs is our "custom," all shirts will be silk screened by hand. The prices listed are for a basic one color, simple artwork T-shirt, based upon the following:
  • 900 Cotton T-shirts, Adult Sizes S,M,L and XL (Add $1.50 for 2XL).
  • Price includes the set up charges for a 1 Color Print on any color T-shirt.
  • Customer MUST supply the camera ready, black on white art work.
  • Ink color is ONE Color of your choice.
  • Size of imprint is limited to: 12" wide x 14" long and may be placed on front of shirt, back of shirt, or as a pocket print.
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  The price will depend on the quantity and color of your shirts. Shirts come in many different colors; it depends on which day you order. Darker shirts cost more. Call or Email us to get the specifics on color availability and selection. Quantity















  If your design requires more than one color of ink, or if GEOGRAPHICS will be providing any artwork, OR if you would prefer your shirts to be something other than T-Shirts, adult size, please call us at 479-253-9995 and talk, person to person, about your special needs.

Write to us about your special needs, and we will help you OR we will direct you to a support group where you can discuss your special needs with clinically trained counselors and law enforcement professionals.

Remember this as you shop: US48 Shipping is included in the prices of these products. If you want your T-shirts shipped to Upper Volta, please write to us for costs. If you will be traveling to Upper Volta, please write to us. We have some T-shirts we'd like you to deliver.

Shop long, shop hard,show no mercy and squeeze that credit card until it bleeds. (Click Here for other helpful ordering tips.)

Design Categories  Buttons & BumpersOh yes. Did we mention we do buttons and bumper stickers too? The little "Design" icon at left will lead you to our catalog of stock titles, many of which are suitable for buttoning and bumping. Follow along for The Rules below:
    Stock Buttons
  • All of the Quotations in the Catalog are available on buttons.
  • They have a 2 1/2 " diameter and are printed in black on pastel backgrounds.
  • They are $1.50 each and that includes postage, so if you really want a lot of this stuff and are on a proletarian budget, this is a fantastic opportunity.
  • We don't put any drawings on the buttons because the pictures get too small. We tried it once, but the picture of the Parasaurolophus looked just like Aunt Ida so we stopped.
    Buttons Wild and Free
  • No, we don't mean "Free" as in you don't have to pay for it. We mean "Free" as in you spew forth the wild imaginings of an untrammeled mind and we print it on a button.
  • Prices are based on a one color imprint on any colored paper. Second color imprint add $30 to total price. Each additional color add $20 to the total price.
 Quantity 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
 Price Ea $1.06 .69 .59 .49 .35 .30

    Custom Bumper Stickers
  • Accessorize that mean machine, conceal those rust spots, make a statement, and educate the general public while you're at it.
  • Bumper sticker prices are based on a one color imprint on white or yellow vinyl, size 3" x 11.5" bumper sticker.
  • For additional sizes of bumper stickers or additional colors of imprint, Email for a quote.
 Quantity 125 250 500 1000 1500 5000
 Price Ea $1.08 .64 .40 .265 .23 .175

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