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Special and Custom Orders
We would really like to print the shirts for your school, club, organization or next event. We can print your design or we have a couple of artist friends who can come up with some really great artwork. Give us a call or an Email and let's talk about it.

All of our designs are printed on the FRONT of the shirt UNLESS you request otherwise. Extra designs can be printed elsewhere on the shirt at an additional charge of $4.00 per print. Contact Us if you have unusual ideas about where you want your design. We need to chat.

Color Choices
Khaki Olive Dk Green
White, Natural, Ash & Khaki are printed with BLACK designs.

Olive, Dark Green, Denim, Black, Navy, Burgundy & Charcoal are printed with WHITE designs.

Red may be white, it may be black, it depends. "On what?," you may ask. We follow two simple rules and you should too:

Simple Rule #1: If you would need an electron microscope or an application of radioactive isotopes to view the design, we won't print it. This rule applies if, say, you request a white T-shirt printed with a white design.

Simple Rule #2: T-shirts with artwork like dinosaurs, cartoons and peoples' heads only come in black. Remember the Vegetarian Rule: If it has a FACE it's only printed in BLACK.

Don't Worry, there will be a test on this material, but it's open-book. You can access the relevant color choices from our Online Catalog.

So, you want to break the rules? You want a purple T-shirt with the design printed upside down on the inside? Okay. We can do that. What do you need? What do you want? Tell Us all about it.

Sizes shown in our Online Catalog range from Youth X-Small (2-4) through Adult XXX (50-52). We have shirts available through 10X. You know what we're going to say here, don't you? Yes, Contact Us.

Credit Cards We accept MasterCard and VISA. We also accept checks, money orders, late-model cars, and certain types of poultry, if properly prepared. If you want to order from our Online Catalog, you'll have to use a credit card for now.

Returns If you have to return stuff because we messed up then we replace it, with much embarrassment, at no cost to you for replacement. However, if you goof up, then we are unable to exchange or replace the shirt - you have to reorder to get whatever it was that you wanted when you ordered something else instead. This is not due to our insatiable avarice, but because we print everything as it is ordered. With over 300 designs and 215 sizes, styles and colors available, there is approximately 1 chance in 64,500 that someone else will order that shirt you don't want. A lottery ticket has a better chance than that! And if we print two shirts and only get paid for one, then we lose money. We believe that we do a good enough job of that on our own and don't need any help.

Got all this? Good. Then let's Shop On!

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Special Credit to UpMedio Design for their amazing service and for the redesign of our office.

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